Gospel United is a family of church-planting churches that exists locally and globally who seek to become: 

  • A People of Jesus- We believe that we must be a people saturated with the love of Jesus and as saturated people we must carry around with us the story of his life, death, resurrection and promised return.  Without Jesus we have no hope for this life or the life to come.

  • A people that makes disciples that plant churches - Simply we are hopeful that every church we plant or revitalize, or help to do so, will reproduce itself locally and globally.   

  • A people of Humility and Holiness- We want to reflect the servant leadership of Jesus and his apostles.  They were servant missionaries to those around them. 

  • A people of the Spirit and Prayer- The fuel of mission is prayer and fasting empowered by the Holy Spirit.   God both listens and speaks to his people when they fast and pray and empowers them daily with his Spirit to obey his word.  

  • A people of the Word- We want to be known for sound teaching and clear application of the scriptures for life today.