A morning in Burundi

November 15, 2018

Today started with my sweet children trying to bring me breakfast in bed. Both Anna and I didn't sleep well last night with Juddy giving his nightly intermission of crying, Addy waking for one thing or another, and the occasional clean up from a little one who didn’t use the bathroom before bed. Now, none of this is a drag because we are so very thankful for four children who are alive and well; this is something we are growing in even more now that we are living in Africa. However, you do wake up dragging, if we are being completely honest, and Anna even more so than me I am sure.  After a quick breakfast and bible with the kiddos and Anna—Psalm 56 and Ecclesiaties 8—I was out the door to a meeting with the UK GLO chair who is in town for a tough visit with a non-GLO partner. We enjoyed coffee together and talked about how to serve the country and the difficult meetings he has had and the ones to come. We prayed, and then I left for the bank to see if I could obtain the check book I have been trying to get for 3 months now. Success! After the bank, which can take 20 minutes here on a good day even with the VIP service, I was off to get some money exchanged in just enough time to meet DUKORANE’S (our business) lawyer to sign papers at the local notary. The signing took no more than 5 minutes, so I dashed out to get groceries from two local markets and make it home by lunch. Oh, and I forgot I stopped into the Chinese store for the important papers (tp) and a new mosquito net for Judson’s room. Off to lunch, and who knows what the afternoon will bring.

-Russ Bennett