February 13, 2019

The year so far has been a sweet one! A new teammate, visitors, more visitors to come and things are starting to feel familiar. I guess a new normal! I am personally so thankful for our teammates and how we have all been growing, both as a group and individually. Each one of us has been able to begin new things which we probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do at home due to prior commitments. By God’s grace, this has been a privilege and a gift.

One fun thing that I’ve been able to do is spend time (during nap times) devoted to Babazi, which is a nonprofit I started about 5 years ago that works with other businesses here in Burundi by purchasing products and selling them in the USA. Initially, we sold bags and purses, and in turn used the profit to buy more goods to support businesses, provide jobs, and give back to ministries in Burundi. Living here has allowed me to be more creative in choosing fabric and specific product designs and enabled me to get to know some incredible people. It has been such a wonderful experience. We are now selling skirts and jewelry online and hope to continue selling our products in the USA.

I do this because I believe Luke 12:48 that I have been entrusted with much. What have you been entrusted with? 

-Anna Bennett