Colorful Work

November 2, 2018

This past week I visited the town of Muramvya with members of both Shammah and JICC from back in Charleston. We were up there to help out a new church plant through the local church we attend, and that experience was just fantastic. When I pictured Burundi, this part of the country was what I imagined it would look like—mountains sprawled everywhere, banana trees, red dirt, and spacious (all completely different from what Bujumbura looks like). I love to listen to people and watch things happen in a big group, and this week I watched believers serving and sacrificing their time. I was inspired by a group of local Burundians from Shammah, some of which were there with us just to help out. I started asking them what they did and why they were there helping. A couple had connections to the town, and others were there to just help and support the work that was being done throughout the week. Most were students at a local university who said that they wanted to help out the community. I asked them if that was it, and they were like, yeah. I don’t know what kind of response I was looking for, maybe a more complex and colorful answer, but their reasons were simple. Sometimes I think that helping someone or doing something Gospel minded has to be glamorous to get others involved and attracted to Jesus, but that’s opposite of everything that happened when Jesus came with his message. Sometimes helping someone seems simple and menial at the time, but knowing who you’re working for and why is what makes the work colorful and important.

-Allison Crawford