Cosmic, yet Personal

July 19, 2018

Our team leaves for Burundi in 37 days.

Many ask “How do you feel about going/are you nervous?” Good question.

I’d say that I get great comfort knowing who the living God is. Here are some incredible things about our God.

  • God is the infinite creator of the cosmos and also of You.

  • God became man and had a real body just like us, and he showed himself to be Lord and have full authority in every situation.

In Jesus, you and I have the incredible gift to turn towards someone who is Lord over all the earth, including the States and Burundi.

How comforting, and how empowering, to know that Jesus is Lord.

Why not, at this very moment, choose to act off that Lordship?

You’ve got several options!

You can pray to him, read about him in God’s own personal blog, or maybe just hold your tongue when you want to spout off.

What will You decide?

Whatever it is, I hope God personally meets you and blesses you.

If you go to John chapter 4, you can read about the centurion who really got that Jesus has full authority over this world.

-William Griffin