September 5, 2019

We (the Bennett’s) will be back in Burundi on September 1st (along with Eliza Binney and Emily Deer). That date is my brothers 34th birthday (Happy Birthday, Mark!), which will already remind me of what I “feel “ I will be missing from home. Those are good deep-rooted feelings of course,  but the Lord quickly reminds me of two thing things: "where is your home?" and "I am at work!" 

Shortly after I arrived home to SC, a friend asked me to summarize Burundi into one sentence. At the time I didn’t have the answer (isn’t that how it goes), but now I have it down to one word: “Eternity”. We are overwhelmingly aware that this physical earth is not our permanent home. Whether it is because we see death way more than what we would like to, hearing our workers talk about going from one glory to the next or just in reading of the scriptures. We have reminders like these so regularly that we feel the urge to not waste the time on this side of eternity. Phil 3:17-21. And knowing that leads me to the “I am at work”.  

Sitting back, listening in on conversations with people as Russ shares with them the work in which we have been gifted to be a part of is quite amazing really. Here is just a little glimpse of what He has been at work doing in this last year. 

The work that William has been faithfully doing will change the next generation of believers. He has been working and leading a translation team in Burundi, and they have  translated some foundational material into Kirundi. Which will have such a large impact due to the fact that there are literally no resources there. Can you image?

We are so thankful for Allison!  Allison has been such a support to me personally and to our family. She has loved us so well and because of her all of our kids can go on to the next grade (woohoo!), but not only that. It indirectly affects so many areas, because if she hadn’t been doing what she was doing, we just could not have supported the work that was getting done. 

Eliza has had her hands in several things: teaching website design, getting government permissions to have teams over to work, visiting hospitals and exploring opportunities to serve, and serving the children and the children workers at our church (Shammah Temple). 

And last but not least Russ! Russ has been teaching the church leaders biblical theology to lead their churches as the Word instructs the church to. He works alongside our pastor teaching at  conferences and seminars. And he has loved his family very faithfully during this time!!! 

So all that to say: The Lord is at work. Does all that work come super natural and easy - no! Most of the work above is not even done in English! But the Lord has been so faithful to us and has taught us so much in the process. It truly has been a gift that He has allowed us to be a part of the work that he is doing. I pray that we will continue to be faithful as He leads until we reach eternity.

-Anna Bennett