Good News for Ace

September 22, 2018

Check out this clip from a great docudrama about Africa. 

Just kidding, that’s Ace Ventura. But did you notice what happened in the clip?

Ace gets to cross the hot coals at someone else’s expense. And then he celebrates. 

So far, Burundi feels like this scene. Our team is enjoying the fruits of others' efforts—a wonderful house, church, friendships, colleague-ships. Each of these wonderful things did not just appear out of thin air, but is the end of a long chain of faithful people paying a price.  

That’s our first weeks in Burundi, and it will continue to be the case, as it is in any Christian’s walk. It’s the case because of the Good News that the Christian believes.  

The Good News is that Jesus lay across hot coals so that we can walk unscathed.

Unlike the man in the clip, Jesus lay on the hot coals willingly.  (Phil. 2:8)

Like the clip, you and I can celebrate just like Ace Ventura.  

-William Griffin