Hello from Kigali

May 23, 2019

Hello from Kigali! If you have been following our blog, you know that our life here is ever-changing, sometimes very challenging, often beautiful, and always full of God’s grace for us. This week is no different.

Today, our whole team is actually not in Burundi. Last week, Anna and the kids flew back to the States for the summer, and this past weekend, Allison flew back home to Indiana. Russ, William, and I are in Rwanda for two weeks to visit and then to be a part of the Bike for Burundi starting tomorrow. Sadly, Allison will not be riding with us this year, because she sustained an injury during training. We are disappointed to not have her with us on this trip, but we are thankful for her time with us over this last year in Burundi. We are waiting with excited expectation to see what God has for her in this next season of her life after she has completed her year here with us.

We have been enjoying Rwanda; it seems similar to Burundi in many ways, but there are really clear, major changes that have been made in the country in the last several decades which have been interesting to see. To compare and contrast these two countries, even through my admittedly inexperienced eyes, has brought both hope and concern for our beloved Burundi.

After these few days of rest and vacation, the other 6 bikers are beginning to arrive today to acclimate before biking. Russ, William, and the others will ride the 700 miles, and I will ride in the truck to take pictures for updates and to be the team nurse. Pray for safety for the team, for God to be glorified by our presence here in Rwanda, and for the money raised to be a blessing to the people of Burundi. If you want updates throughout the week, follow the Great Lakes Outreach Facebook or our personal social media, and if you would like more information about why we are riding (or to contribute to our fundraising--we are fully funded for the Bike, but are always thankful for your support of our translation and ministry), go to William or Russ’s gofundme pages!

After the ride, we will return to Bujumbura, and Russ will fly home to join his family for the summer. William and I will both come back in August. During our time home over the summer, we would love to see you, so feel free to reach out to any of us on the team. Your part of our work is invaluable, and we would like to take the opportunity to spend time with you. Please be in prayer for us, and we will be praying for you.


Eliza Binney