Illness, Plumbing, and Prayer

September 11, 2018

We as a family have so much to be thankful for. If we leave and return to the states and learn nothing but greater thankfulness, then we will have learned a life-long lesson. We are thankful for Simon and Lizzie providing a set-up house for us to transition seamlessly into, and we are thankful for the wonderful workers who are with us every day taking care of our team and teaching us language and how to function in this tiny little country. I can’t imagine the last week of sickness in a non-setup house with workers who do not have a trusted reputation. I believe the stress would have been more than we could have handled well. 

So the illness, which I thought might be pneumonia! Two days after we arrived, I contracted a nasty cold that felt like I had little jack hammers pounding on my face. Just when I thought I was getting better a few days ago, I started having pain in my lungs and back. So what did I do? I called my new pastor Alexis, who has the gift of healing, to come before bed to pray. Within 10 minutes, he arrived with Hermes, a close brother, and they prayed for me and for Judson who was also struggling with a cold. After prayer, I felt some relief, and by the next afternoon I was without pain and able to function as normal again. Juddy also showed great improvement. But let me highlight God’s goodness and the goodness of Alexis. While Alexis was praying for me, his son was falling ill with an asthma attack. I found out the next day when I went to thank him for prayer and was greeted by his wife who told me he was at the hospital with his son. I quickly left his home and headed to the Kira Hospital to in return pray for his son as he labored to breathe. See, it is blatantly obvious in this country that unless you pray for the big and small things you “ain’t gonna make it." 

An example of the small thing I prayed for and the Lord answered. I was installing a washing machine for Anna for Juddy’s diapers and our other personal items, and what would have taken an hour in the U.S. took three days while I was sick here. After trips to 4 different plumbing stores (because materials here are junk) and multiple leaks, I was at the foot of the great white throne (the Toilet) trying to hook up the plumbing for the 15th time, yet it still leaked, so I just stopped and prayed. “Lord please stop this leaking, faulty plumbing.” It didn’t stop right away, so I added the Burundian plumber's most useful tool—the bucket—and left it to drip. But to my surprise and by the sweetness of the Lord, I awoke the next day to find plumbing that no longer leaked. So no matter how big or small your issue may be—pneumonia or the plumbing—take a moment and just invite our sweet creator into the mix.

-Russ Bennett