La Costa Beach

December 13, 2018

This is more of a show and tell. We are home a good bit since this year we are homeschooling. Once a week we drive down to “la Costa beach”. It isn’t much of a beach compared to what we are used to. Think warm air with a breeze, a concrete wall, imported sand, and you have to purchase a coke to get in. I think you are getting the drift. I will say, every time I have been I have seen a hippopotamus! I’m counting! The first time I saw one was when the JICC team was with us. What a great experience, especially since Peyton had prayed to see one that morning.

This guy has a name—he is a regular. And if you look closely there is a flip flop stuck in his teeth, I can’t explain that one nor do I want to help remove it. There are very few animals in Burundi due to the tough times this country has had so we are grateful for these moments.

-Anna Bennett