Learn what is good

October 25, 2018

Before I spend any time thinking about what seems to be a simple statement, my flesh quickly says, “I got that.” When I actually stop to think what it is implying, I feel as if it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Do we really have to learn (to be taught) to do good? Why do we naturally not do it? To take it a step farther, we might do well initially (because we can do it in our strength), but as time elapses how does that look? Our own personal preferences or desires get in the way and, if anything, we couldn’t be more opposite. In my life “mothering” and “wifeing” bring this to light constantly. An almost daily example would be after getting everyone’s lunch ready I want to throw food down my own throat, and then I get asked for yet one more thing from someone! “For the love of” –please just let me eat! But in these moments my heart is opened to me, and probably others, to see my sin! I think most of us can do good things for a while but are our hearts in line with God’s and what He means for good? I need help: how about you?

In the line of being good I am reminded of the rich young ruler and Jesus’ response of “What good deed must I do to have eternal life?” The response was, “There is only one who is good,” which is the reminder of how grace works. Good is something we ought to be walking and working towards; it is not something we just arrive at. We should have some semblance of it in our lives by the grace that has been extended to us because of God’s love for us and the death of Jesus.

The verse above this talks about washing; I absolutely love it because I am in the season where I seem to be doing a lot of it (my new favorite is poopy diapers—you know what I am talking about!). I still remember the day when I was reading the scripture talking about being washed with the Word; in my mind I had always seen this more as a sprinkling. The Lord really opened my eyes to the fact that washing is a much more aggressive, deliberate, and intentional action—particularly of me! Dirt and stains have to be scrubbed and broken loose for them to be clean (those poopy diapers don’t come clean by just dropping a few drops of water on them). That idea shouldn’t be too far removed from us. We need to be made clean and we need our sin exposed for the Lord to work to help us to be/do good (something we can’t achieve on our own). Only by the power of the Holy Spirit........ That’s sanctification!

-Anna Bennett