Missionary Kids

Missionary kids often don’t get the credit they deserve, both when they are at home in local churches or even on the mission field. When I think about it, I realize that Anna and I should walk our kids up on the stage in the churches we serve so that the churches can applaud them for their sacrifice to the mission, and we should ask the church to lay hands on them and pray for continued protection and anointing. Don’t get me wrong–our kids are blessed, and the Lord has provided more than they or we need. However, there are many things that our kiddos endure that most children will never understand. They have left all extended family and friends behind. There are no hugs and kisses from grandparents, no school parties or holiday celebrations with old friends, and none of the comforts of home and the local church.

For instance, a normal Sunday for our gang means 2 to 3 hours of sitting in a hot building listening to songs and preaching in another language. I can watch the sweat run down their little faces, and their glasses fog from the heat as they try to stay engaged during the service. They are quite the little troopers, and Anna and I are very proud of them. I am thankful that my kids are being stretched in this way now, because I am hopeful it will enlarge their understanding of the challenges that believers face around the world.

The reality, however, is that children play an important role in mission endeavors. They either help their parents stay on the mission field, or they can bring a productive work to a drastic halt in just a few moments. By God’s grace, our kiddos are doing well and help us in the mission here. Addison is a wonderful hostess and Bella, Cora, and Judson provide all of our guests with love and free entertainment. Plus, they all are engaged in daily prayer for the work.

The next time you pray for your missionary friends remember that the kiddos are little missionaries too.

-Russ Bennett