Momentary Goodbyes and Transitions

June 28, 2018

I’m officially on summer break and wrapped up the school year with my students and staff. Saying goodbye was more joyful than sad because I know that I’ll be able to visit them when I come back from Burundi. I will really miss my rising 8th grade students though. I’ve taught them for two years, and not being around to see them off to high school—that tugged at my heart when I was saying goodbye. I also just moved out of my apartment this week and in with my sister and her family. I’ll really miss my roommates, but they are also off to their own new beginnings: one to Ohio and the other to Germany! I’m thankful for my sister and her husband’s hospitality and love in opening up their home and for the chance to spend time with them during the next couple of months. I’m also grateful that they lived only five minutes away from where I moved. Spending time with them and my little niece has been so


Just thinking about some of the differences from this teaching break compared to past breaks, so far have been the occasional shot in the arm, logistical changes, and prioritizing intentional time with my family and friends before the team leaves. I’m glad for a work break before getting ready to go to Burundi, but I also don’t do well with just chilling out. Not working a job when everyone around me is working is also uncomfortable. Here’s one of my recent conversations:

Me on break: “Hey, have a great day! What time do you get off?”

Working Relative(s): “Not sure, maybe 6:30? Any plans for today?”

(cautiously) Me on break: “Uh, I’m headed to the beach later…”

(sarcastic) Working Relative(s): “Wow, must be nice. Don’t work too hard.”

Something that stands out to me during this time is also the number of my close friends who have been transitioning into new things. I’m not the only one with down time and preparing for a new season. The farewells are coming in waves, and I’m thankful that it’s not all at once. We all agree that God is setting each of us up for new beginnings and growth in Him.

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten to know the Holy Spirit more and its function in my life (something I’d like to share with you all in a later post). However, one thing the Holy Spirit has been putting on my heart about the next season is that it’s not about a to-do list, but it’s about relationships. The time I have now is for closer intimacy with Him and abiding in His presence and for pouring into the relationships that I have. Something good that my bro-in-law, Aaron, reminded me of is that I’m not waiting to go on mission, but I'm to be on mission where I am now. The waiting is just as important in the process as the take-off itself. During this preparation and transition, I am going to try to abide more in God’s presence and let the Holy Spirit do its work in me. On my restless days, I can find comfort in knowing that God’s timing is perfect, and His preparation is enough. Thank you, Jesus!


Allison Crawford