Not so Glamorous

March 12, 2019

This past week, we had a three day Antioch Africa conference for the 65 pastors in our network who represent hundreds of churches and thousands of people. As Onesphore says, if you equip a leader, then you equip his congregation. So why was it not all that glamorous? Well, because discipleship hardly ever is. A dear brother was preaching last week, and he said that in the west we have replaced the aspiration for wealth with the aspiration for being known, being famous, and being loved by our peers. This subtle shift in the idol that we worship is having devastating consequences in the west among church leaders who are spreading this theology around the world. Jesus called us to die. Jesus said our goal is to make disciples who make him known. Our goal is not to make disciples to make ourselves known. In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul says that when he came he did not do so to be known. Quite the opposite really. He said he did not come with lofty speech or wisdom, but only Christ crucified. He said he came in weakness, fear, and trembling, and without plausible words of wisdom. We as a team are a long way from this, especially me. Three 10-hour days in a hot room teaching pastors that most of my friends will never see is hard work, and from my western mindset, it is not all that glamorous. But somehow I believe that is what we are here to learn.

Check out the pictures to see what we were up to. Please take a minute to pray for the work. Please give so that we can continue to put solid resources into the hands of the pastors we serve.   

-Russ Bennett