Sit and Dream with the Maker

November 29, 2018

Burundi so far has been lovely. Transition for everyone has been nothing other than a miracle.  Some things have been harder (driving and being most of the day behind a wall), some things are the same (I am still a mom), and some things are easier (simpler life), but overall there is peace. One thing about moving to Burundi that has made it special and inviting is the freedom to dream. Dreaming about the what if’s and being able to consider questions like ”What do I give my mind and/or time away to?” (still have the kids – I haven’t forgotten about them). One thing we have made is a dry erase board, yes “made” because unfortunately you cannot go a buy one here, but it has been a joy to think about what the Lord has for us here. Sometimes it is overwhelming and at the same time just plain fun! So thankful for the mind God has given each of us.  So when have you stopped to just sit and dream? Sit with a piece of paper or dry erase marker and have a dream session with the Maker. He always encourages and excites me.

-Anna Bennett

Galatians 2:20