September 1, 2018

I have been fighting a sinus infection or cold for the last few days, and what I have realized as I feel the jack hammers on my face is that something is always on fire in Burundi. There is no formal trash pick-up, so we have three buckets in our house for trash. The first for compost because we have become earthy; the second is for plastics and "non-burnable" trash, and the last is for anything paper that will burn. So as we live behind our 8-foot walls in the neighborhood of Kinindo, Bujumbura, we may not be sharing tea with our neighbors because we cannot see one another, but we are sharing our smoke.

If you have a moment, pray that the physical walls that divide the people of Burundi would not represent the reality of the spiritual barriers we face. May the Holy Spirit find his way over the walls as the smoke finds its way to our noses

-Russ Bennett