Two Turtles

December 7, 2018

We have the world’s fastest turtle!

Here’s the scene: I am looking out in our yard, and I see a turtle. He crawls in the grass. No, he runs...he sprints.  

And he sprints after the push lawnmower that Didace pushes.  

Every time Didace and the lawnmower change direction, the turtle turns and sprints toward the lawnmower.  

Another day, I watch him practically do laps around the house. He sprints this way. Then he sprints that way.

Watching him wears me out.  

Why does he do this?

That’s the fast turtle, but there’s another turtle in our yard.

He does not sprint. He does nothing. He stays put. He rests.

One turtle strives, and the other chills. The two make very different life choices.

And they get the same result.  

Same shell, same food, and even the same chance of being run over by the car as it pulls out of the driveway (they like to be near the car tires!).  

What does a turtle gain by all this toil?

-William Griffin