September 8, 2018

We build walls, physical and mental, for many different reasons. We do it out of safety, privacy, fear, comfort, and the list goes on. Since being here in our new neighborhood, “Kinindo," we are surrounded by 4 walls, and so is everyone else. Honestly, I just want to peak over these walls to see what is behind them and to see who is behind them.

Anyone who has been to my house in Charleston probably has felt a level of discomfort due to the transparency of our home. You can see my family in our living space, and we can see you (which is why I saw the guys breaking into my car at 3am - another story, another time). And if we know you, as a passerby, we would probably have waved to you. 

Today, I just had to get out and walk. It was hot and dry, and all 4 of my kids complained, but I need to get out and see what was out there. And what I saw was a road full of dirt and rocks and more walls, but they weren’t mine. I’m am reminded how important it is to have a community of people around you (despite being an introvert) to encourage, to challenge, to be present, to listen, to laugh and to cry.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Can’t do the above by yourselves- now can you! Thankful for those walks that couldn’t be more different from where I came from. XOXO, Anna