What brought me to Burundi -Emily

September 18, 2019

We serve a good, good father. He knows and places the desires of our hearts. At an early age, God placed a deep love for children and a desire for missions in my heart. On many short-term missions trips, I was given numerous opportunities to combine these passions to serve God in children’s ministry. My passion and love grew deeper and deeper on each trip.

One early morning in April, I received a message from Russ and Anna about an opportunity in Burundi. My first thought was “I am going to Africa!” Although it was crazy and a little scary, I knew God was leading me and strengthening my desire to see His kingdom grow. Over the next few weeks as I processed, I kept getting the simple reminder that we, as followers of Christ, are called to spread the Gospel to the nations. I had an opportunity to answer that call and support the ministry that was already happening in Burundi. God had given me the ability to say yes and the experience of teaching that was needed. I just needed to take a step of faith and believe that God had everything under control.

Over this next year, I hope that God will continue to draw me closer and closer to Him. I hope that, as I am in a place of no control, my faith will strengthen and I will become solely reliant on Him instead of myself. I hope that I will be stretched out of my comfort zone. I hope that God will be glorified in my time here in Burundi.

I can already see Christ at work in the short time I have been in Burundi. As the newest member of the Antioch Africa team, these first two weeks in Burundi have been a great adventure! I have been overwhelmed with the team's open arms and acceptance as I slowly ease into life here. Our team lives life together, serves each other, supports one another, and shows Christ to one another. It makes my heart full. I have been so touched and can’t wait for all God has in store!

-Emily Deer