What we learned from our time with Ross and Christine Paterson of Field Partner

We had a very special weekend with Ross and Christine Paterson, which was made particularly meaningful because Ross celebrated 49 years of mission to China during the weekend with us in Charleston at our home church, James Island Christian. They commented several times on the sweetness of JICC and its impact on them. How thankful we are to have such an extended family with global partners like Ross and Christine and their ministry, Field Partner (www.fieldpartner.org). Some tear-jerking takeaways from the veteran couple over the weekend included the following:

  • Talk about where you have failed more than where you have been successful. We were marked by their humility.

  • Once you go you will never be the same.

  • The church must be a part of the long term care plan of its missionaries.

  • Our legacy can and will impact our destiny.

  • If God got you into the mess of missions, then he will see you through. If you are not sure he got you into it, then you will not know how to ask him how to get you out of it.

  • We must go, and we must pioneer. If we don’t, then the next generation will not do it. If we go, then they will come and make it better than we ever could.

  • The culture that is the hardest to understand and overcome is our own.

  • There are four cultures: our culture, the culture of the people we serve, the culture that develops with us serving those people, and Kingdom Culture. Bringing about the last is the ideal.

  • Make sure you leave no broken relationships in your past for they will haunt you when you are in the present.

-Russ and Anna Bennett