What we learned from resting

June 21, 2018

The family and I just returned from sabbatical break to Spain. It was a precious time after 10 solid years of running at a gut-wrenching pace at times. The last two years have been the hardest when you combine a growing church, a church construction project, a home addition, a new baby, and planning a move to Africa. There is not a whole lot of spare time when you start putting the weekly calendar together. The sabbatical break was exactly what we needed as a family to step away from the day-to-day routine and JUST BE together. Some big takeaways from our time: 

  • I don't have enough one-on-one conversations with my kids. 

  • It is a gift to wake up and just think about how to serve your wife and kids all day. 

  • We don't think clearly without adequate time to rest. 

  • We are unable to truly rest unless our community both values and makes a way for rest to happen.  (Big thank you to our family at JICC) 

  • Playing with your kids can have more of an effect on them than rigid discipline.  

  • Anna is by far the best friend I have ever had. 

  • Leaving Charleston is going to be harder than we thought. 

  • Our kids travel well and are an incredible evangelistic gift.  

  • Resting teaches dependence on God and others in ways that working harder can't.  ​

  • Home is a special place that the Lord gifts his children with. 

-Russ Bennett