Why am I going? -William

God-willing, a team from our church on James Island will head to the nation of Burundi in August.

Why am I personally going to Burundi with this team?

My short answer, (with unapologetic childlike simplicity) is “Because it’s terribly exciting, that’s why!”

It’s exciting to see Jesus and his church redeeming a small piece of creation where hunger and violence are the norm.

It’s exciting to see a local church team whose very nature, formation, and mission seek to follow the pattern of the Apostle Paul and the Antioch church. (The church responsible for spreading Christianity to all us Gentiles!). Link on how the Apostle Paul did it:


Nowadays when we hear “local”, “organic”, and “community” we think EarthFare. But in fact, those words very well describe how the Good News spread in the early centuries. And that pattern was successful!

It’s exciting to be invited by a local church in Bujumbura and sent by a supportive church here on James Island.

It’s exciting to be using my language abilities to translate materials for Transforming Burundi Network as they equip and catalyze more and more church leaders.

It’s exciting to see where the local church can be served in Bible-teaching and youth outreach.

And good grief, wouldn’t it be exciting if a few decades from now, our team of sinners could see how God took all of our imperfect human efforts, and redeemed those efforts to connect more people to the life, love, and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

That all is a spectacle to see!

So to recap. Exciting Jesus. Exciting team. Exciting work. Exciting future.

-William Griffin