Why are we here?

March 21, 2019

Why is our team working in Burundi? The answer to this question is simple. Burundi has already been evangelized in many places, so what church leaders are telling us they need is skilled practitioners to strengthen existing leaders and churches. They tell us that they don’t need church planters, but they need pastors of pastors, businesspeople, accountants, skilled disciple makers, and evangelists to equip existing leaders.

See, the problem Burundi faces is that so many missionaries come to do their own thing, and they are often completely disconnected from the local church. It is an unintentional, silent “we can do this better than you” attitude that is harming the church in Burundi and beyond. We came to serve the existing leaders and to strengthen and encourage them in the work that they are doing. We came to be resources to the local churches and leaders.

So what is our solution to this problem and request from the local churches? First, we serve top leaders who have influence in their congregations. Second, we fight the urge to pioneer, and instead we get behind indigenous pioneers and push. Third, we translate and provide the best possible resources to the leaders that we are serving so that they can grow up themselves. Finally, we model—to the best of our ability—what we are teaching through relationships with those who are open to our instruction and care.

We need your help. Unless more people adopt this strategy in countries where the gospel has been preached, we will lose the ground that so many gained by sacrificially evangelizing and sharing the Gospel. When you give, you are helping complete the second half of the Great Commission—“teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.”

Anna and the kids send their warm hello. May the God of peace richly bless you this week.

-Russ Bennett